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Three Quick Ways To Study Happy Ending Massage

Oddly enough, for a mathematician, infinity is often easier to handle than some very large number N. This kind of approximation is kindred to the opposite kind of approximation, in which we replace complexity by simplicity, as when we think of a planet or a star as a sphere, or even as a point. This kind of mathematical idealization approximates a large complexity by infinite complexity. So, I've been getting questions from some of you about the recent large protests against Japan in China's eastern cities. "It would be better if our roofless friends put their fast food wrappers in a garbage bin instead of scattering paper along the arroyo but in volume it’s no way close to the piles of waste generated by the average Lunchbucket family." The Breatharians also point out in the missive that the Bums on Bikes contingent from Harmony House Kitchen keeps getting larger at every Chuckwalla Days Parade. So now I better tell you about Niles and me back in 1950s Louisville… Brooklyn Borough President-in-waiting Eric Adams had already given back his cash, as had Bronx Councilman Jimmy Vacca and incoming Manhattan members Corey Johnson and Helen Rosenthal.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

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